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Do you want a happy & well behaved dog?  

Welcome to Dogs Best Friend, 

Dog Behavioural Consultancy and Dog Training. 

Selina McIntyre (Bachelor of Applied Animal Technology) a Dog Behaviourist and Dog Trainer, brings passion and empathy to your dog behavioural modification, because after all, dogs are family.                        

A Dog Behaviourist & Dog Trainer since 2004.                                                                

Call Selina at Dogs Best Friend today on 021 353 669 for a non-obligation chat about your situation.                                                                                                      

"I operate on the basis that animals should volunteer, respect and trust you." 

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Do you just wish your dog would relax? Are they sooo excitable! Maybe they are a bit grumpy around other dogs (to say the least)? Perhaps your beloved buddy has even been 'kicked out' of Daycare. Well, for these situations and more that can be impacting on your household, you have come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Selina McIntyre and along with my family 

(hubby, two kids, Trev and Lily the Border Terriers and Isobelle our cat) dogs are my life's passion. 

I studied animal behaviour and specifically canine behaviour as part of my Bachelor of Applied Animal Technology.

I have extensive working experience with dogs and my Dog Behavioural Consultancy was established in 2004. 

With a renowned reputation nationally and a growing international presence, I have been sought out as an adviser on dog behaviour and dog training for television, radio and print media, and have worked with local dog businesses in advisory and educational capacities.  

Also as part of Dogs Best Friend, I offer Free School Education Visits (within my business area). 

Below are our two dogs, Lily and Trev.


Trev and Lily, Selina McIntyre's - and trev
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behaviorist and Dog Trainer, on the Waikato Times front - mcintyre - cover - Waikato - Times

Dogs Best Friend offers practical, positive and natural solutions to the problems you are having with your dogs behaviours. 

I truly feel I know this wonderful species well and would love to share this knowledge with you.


Patch the Border Collie, one of Selina McIntyre's dogs of her youth


I approach the issues you are having with your dogs behaviours from your dogs perspective, explaining to you what is really going on. Essentially, what your dog was trying to do and why...

With this insight you can then undertake a personalized Behavioural Modification Plan, written for you and demonstrated, working   towards a happy and content canine family member and usually a calmer human family also ;-)  

*I do not advocate the use of 'Alpha Rolling' methods (forcibly rolling a dog onto their back) choker chains, shock, vibration (E-Collars) and any spray collars.

**If required for your circumstances, I can work with your Veterinarian and other industry professionals in your dogs life, to tailor your modification plan. 

Mackinley is a changed Husky, she is more relaxed, happier and confident. It took less time than we anticipated but the change has been stunning with no coercion or dominance skills needed.”

Maureen Stewart 

"The dogs seem more relaxed, more balanced. We are all a lot less stressed. I would recommend your services to all dog owners who need to get in tune with their dogs. Thank you.”

John & Brie Martin 

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Dog Behaviourist and Dog Trainer Selina McIntyre in the Waikato Times

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Working with Selina was the best decision we could have made for our family. At first we were nervous about what was going to happen and what she was going to recommend, but that quickly faded! Selina is so patient and really listens to you and your dog's story, it's like having a friend over once you get over the weirdness of being observed..


We had a fairly complex history with our 7year old dog Remus, and really didn't have high expectations for the outcome of working with a trainer. But following Selina's recommendations has completely changed our lives. It's only been about six weeks since our first assessment with Selina and Remus is now a much happier, fairly confident boy, who is truly living his best life. He's much less reactive, more easily calmed, obedient, and less clingy. We're more knowledgeable and because of that we're able to be better parents to him, all thanks to Selina. Could not recommend working with her enough. 

Alice Moore.

My aim with Dogs Best Friend is to bring long term happiness to each and every dog I encounter                     and from this, improve the overall pack environment that he or she lives in.

"Dogs are our link to paradise. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace."

Milan Kundera

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