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Dogs Best Friend Training Philosophy

Selina McIntyre here of Dogs Best Friend.

I focus on cementing the foundations of a positive relationship with your dog first and foremost. 

My behavioural modification and training approach wherever possible, aims to work in with your life and lifestyle. 

Let’s face it, if training is impractical and is unrealistic, you will not follow-through in undertaking the plan set out before you. I want to make things easy for you. Having children myself, I 'get the juggle' too, the challenge of family life and work commitments, all the while you want to do the best for your dogs as well.

I aim to always explain why I am getting you to undertake a task, this probably stems from my own stubborn streak with wanting the same ;-) but again,  I believe you will be more likely to follow-through with our plans. 

Funnily enough, I realize neither you nor your dog are robots, or perfect, so cannot be ‘push buttoned’ trained. All of us have failings and good and bad days but being open to learning about the what’s and why’s of a situation enable us to move forward.

My approach will always be positive in intent towards your companion, including using positive reinforcement training. 

Quite frankly, it was my desire to see happier and content dogs in the world, that saw me begin this journey in 2004 and that driving force is still going strong.  

My approach is natural and direct, based on canine behavioural communication. This has been an area of fascination for me since a child and I feel I will continue to learn about this every day. 

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