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As a Dog Behavioural Consultant and Dog Trainer I service much of the Waikato as well as Rotorua and Tauranga. With this, prices are dependent on my mileage to you. 

Please enquire through my Contact Page,

Ph 021 353 669  or email  

*I believe in dealing with 'behavioural issues' where they are actually occuring. With this, I am assessing your dog with all their usual stimulus around them, including yourselves and we are undertaking our training in your home environment (as well as time spent at a nearby park etc if this is where issue behaviours are being exhibited and is included in your pricing). 

A happy and well behaved dog is going to mean less stress for all involved and more fun! With a deeper bond between yourself and your dog for now and the rest of your dogs life...

**The key to successful training is earning your dogs trust and respect. This why I strongly believe a dog trainer cannot truly 'train your dog for you.' 



Examples of issues I can come and help you with include (but are not limited to)


  • Aggression 
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Nuisance barking
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Jumping up
  • Territorial behaviour
  • Behaving in the car
  • Not listening to you
  • Destructive behaviour (Chewing, Digging etc.)


Through my,

Behavioural Modification Consults 

I come to you for a series of three visits. I believe it is important to visit you in your home to truly get an entire, comprehensive picture of your situation. I get to know you as part of getting to know your dog. 

The pricing for these three visits is from* $495 (TOTAL for all three visits). *An increase in cost with increase in mileage.  

This covers 

1. A Preliminary Assessment, taking approximately 1hr, where I carefully read and assess your dogs behaviour and your particular circumstances. 

2. A Behavioural Modification Information Visit*- where I am looking to address the issues you are having, with demonstration where needed and a full set of Personalized Consultation Notes given to you (a 'Behaviour Modification Plan'- dealing with the real causes of the problems arising), taking approximately 2.5 hours. Then, 

3. A Follow-Up Appointment, approximately 4 weeks after the Information Visit, taking around 1hr - where we assess progress made, keep you on your toes ☺ and look to the future. 

*As mentioned, we can also visit a nearby area, such as a local park, as part of your second visit if this is where some of the behaviours are being displayed. This is inclusive in your pricing.

You can also contact me via phone or email throughout the visitation process. 

**More than one dog? Dogs Best Friend does not charge any more for more than one dog.



I also offer...

A 'Baby on the Way' Session

Taking approximately 1hr. From $125 total.

We look at what it means to bring a little human into your pack and how to best prepare your dog for this new situation.

A booklet of instructions is provided to refer back to.

A 'Puppy Introduction' Session

Taking approximately 1.5 hrs. From $135 total.

This covers general training information and common 'behavioural issues' you could encounter with your new pup. 

A booklet of instructions is provided to refer back to.

A 'Introducing A New Dog To Your Existing Pack' Session

Taking approximately 1hr. From $125 total. This is to ensure you start off on the right foot in building a harmonious relationship within your pack situation. 

A booklet of instructions is provided to refer back to.

I also undertake FREE School 'Dog Behaviour/Dog Safety' Talks within my working area, please feel free to enquire.

As well, I am available for Private or Public Seminars/Talks and Group Training/Instruction. Contact me today, to discuss an education programme to help you and your organization. Price upon application.    



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