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There are good and not as good ways of doing things right.
Some examples I can think of in the dog training world that are happening right now include -
Teaching the ‘Sit’ by applying pressure around/on the rear end of your dog, whilst saying “Sit”.
You do not need nor should physically touch your dog, to train a sit in my opinion as 1. [Read More…]

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Fear of Noises, Guy Fawkes Prep. Part Two -
- You must be the strong one.
Don’t act worried about the loud bangs and squeals outside for your dog and don’t cuddle or coddle them as this can inadvertently be seen as praise for their fearful behaviour. [Read More…]

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Stop the Press! Your dog does not have to be ‘friends’ with every dog or person they meet on a walk.
Think of it this way, do you stop and chat to everybody you meet as you walk down the street, I think not. [Read More…]

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Dog training and behaviour can be about the subtleties in a situation…
An example that can happen and be accumulative in nature, is from when you undertake the recall (The ‘Come’) after your dog has been off leash and you regularly put your dog straight back onto a short leash/lead. This restriction can be too much of a negative for some, discouraging the recall. [Read More…]

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Ask for ‘tricks’ to be performed at this ’stressful’ time. Shower your dog with praise and affection and some treats if the ‘trick’ is worthy when performed. The ‘trick’ is what you are praising for, not any reaction. [Read More…]