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Teaching the command “Quiet!”
When your dog is barking, growl a stern and guttural “Bah!”*
Then, the instant they ARE quiet, say quiet and praise heavily. You could also reward with something high value - such as dried liver pieces or some crumbs of cheese, both being stronger smelling, so usually more attractive to dogs.
Once the word association has been achieved, you can work on varying the length of the time, before you give your dog the treat for being quiet. [Read More…]

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What is a Dog Behavioural Consultant?
Dog Behavioural Consultant’s help dogs in a very holistic way. We look at the environment, the people and other animals that your dog is interacting with, as well as the particular set of circumstances you are facing. [Read More…]

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Pulling on the Lead -
Firstly, it is ok for your dog to be walking in front of you when out lead walking. They simply should not be pulling on that lead (trying to get you to go in the direction they want to go), the lead should be fairly loose. Think about a musher and sled-dog team and the control that they have at the end of the sled. [Read More…]

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With Christmas coming up and the potential for more visitors in your house, I thought I’d discuss,
‘Dogs weeing when greeting visitors.’
Yes yes this may be a tad embarrassing for you the owner but
this can be Submissive or Excitement Urination.
Excitement Urination - It’s like, ‘I’m so excited I peed my pants!’
Excitement urination is seen particularly in young dogs who haven’t developed their muscle control, so gets better over time. [Read More…]

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Whining can be occurring because of -
- Attention seeking (to get treats, toys etc. from you)
- Excitement - when your dog is greeting you
- Appeasement (wanting to pacify or avoid conflict).
With this, your dogs tail will be often tucked in under their body, which is lowered, with their head down also and eyes averted. [Read More…]