Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Signs your pup is developing into a well balanced dog

Signs your pup is developing into a well balanced dog
- Your pup is comfortable being contained and left alone (containment will possibly be required for at least veterinary care). The crate is not a cruel cage but a den-like environment, especially when you partially cover it with a sheet in Summer and cover it with a blanket in Winter. Dogs are den living creatures after all.

- Your pup can rest and ‘be in quiet’ (are not always go, go, go or sleeping with one ear, or one eye open.)

- A vet check of your pup (possibly when you get your vaccinations) has determined no medical condition is causing undue stress on your companion, that could be affecting their behaviour.

- ‘Well Balanced’ should ultimately include your pup not, displaying reactionary behaviour including undue fear based behaviour and aggression towards humans, other animals and objects.
A big part of this comes from proper and sufficient socialization in the Critical Socialization Period (0 - 16 weeks of age), Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant and Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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