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Although this all feels like an alternate reality for you, your dogs will also be feeling things have changed.
It is hard not to notice the increase in both people and dogs out walking in these times, exercising and seeking respite from the confines of home. I’ve learnt that some of these people don’t normally walk and for some of these dogs they don’t normally get out either (I am very pleased they are having these experiences). [Read More…]

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The Crate -
The piece of equipment known as a ‘Crate’ is not a cruel cage. It is a hugely beneficial training tool for your pup and adult dog.
The crate provides a sense of security for all stages of life (so should not be dispensed with once your pup matures). [Read More…]

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Your dog feeds off your emotions and intent in situations. As well and quite logically, your dogs behaviour affects you. Be it through the frustration at chewed up new sunglasses or perhaps sadness and anxiety when they too are exhibiting these behaviours. [Read More…]

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Consistency -
Quite simply and perhaps obviously (or maybe not so obviously?) dogs brains do not think like ours.
Is your family all using the same word for a command?
If Mum is saying ‘Bella* come!’and Dad is saying ‘Here!’ This can be a confusing situation for your dog. [Read More…]

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The Critical Socialization Period -
This is the first 16 weeks of your pup’s life.
This is when the foundation associations are made with his or her world, when your dog’s ideally have nothing but positive experiences with as many different stimuli as possible with everything from animals to noises (here your dog can experience fireworks early in the form of noises on an App. for example) and different ages and races of people, waterways and other environments, electronic devices, vehicles, you name it. [Read More…]