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The Crate -
The piece of equipment known as a ‘Crate’ is not a cruel cage. It is a hugely beneficial training tool for your pup and adult dog.
The crate provides a sense of security for all stages of life (so should not be dispensed with once your pup matures).
Particularly when covered with a blanket in Winter or a sheet in Summer (or partly covered) the crate provides a secure, den-like environment, all of the dogs own.
When working with clients I inform them, the crate is a smaller area to protect than the much bigger home 😉
The sense of security can be very beneficial at potentially stressful periods – such as Guy Fawkes.
Crate Training Tips –
Keep it positive!!! Give your dog fun, mentally stimulating toys inside the crate and super tasty treats that maybe they do not get elsewhere.
Importantly with training, do not let your dog out (if all other requirements have been met - your dog does not need to go toilet, eat etc. realistically) when crying or barking otherwise this is the ‘button’ behaviour you will train your dog they need to ‘push’ for you to let them out! From many a client, they say these behaviours get old, very quick…
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant and Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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