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Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. The ‘Critical Socialization Period’

Prepare an attempt at greatness.
The Critical Socialization Period.
The ‘Critical Socialization Period’ is the time of the pup’s life from birth to 12 weeks of age. It is essentially the period when your dog’s ideally have nothing but positive experiences with as many different stimuli as possible of the world.
This period essentially then forms a ‘guide for behaviour’ for the rest of the dogs life.
The socialization involves anything from different animals, sounds (recordings of stimuli are available here too to help) safe* surfaces and water, to viewing and interacting with different ages and races of people for example.
It is beneficial to invest time into planning your socialization encounters if possible, working towards a happy, well rounded adult dog.
*Safe Surface - For some excursions you will need to keep your pup up in your arms to avoid potential Parvo Virus exposure.
Some of the places I paid a visit to during Trev and Lily’s Critical Socialization Period’s were - our children’s school, one of the local retirement homes, a local Playcentre, our friends farm (with many and varied animals) and even a car wash (with me dishing out super de duper tasty treats) Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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