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    Safety of children around dogs
    With many of us being home at the moment with children, including my hubby and I with our two, here is some useful advice in regards to children and dogs interacting.
    Children are more likely to be attacked by a dog they know. Supervision is key, do not be complacent, dogs are not fluffy babysitters. [Read More…]

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    Dog Behaviour. Children and dogs the importance of the right information…

    Many children I come across in my school visits, say a friendly dog has a wagging tail but a tail wag does not always mean a friendly dog…
    When a dogs tail is wagging up ’stiff like a board’ (almost ‘ping ping ping’) instead of ‘flowing like a wave’, this is not a good, friendly sign!
    Education is key (I offer free dog safety & education talks to schools within my business area)
    Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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    Safety for kids and adults around dogs

    A discussion was had with me today around dog safety information. Essentially it was believed that all in the dog training/behaviour field would be advising the same approach with interaction and associated safety around dogs.
    As with anything though, there are many and varied ‘tidbits’ of information out there being handed out and personally I do not feel all are responsible. [Read More…]

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