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    Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. You and your dog in ‘Lock Down’/ Social Isolation. Mental stimulation for your dog.

    Fun for the whole family, we play ‘Sit, Stay, Come’ around the house with our dogs Lily and Trev, this is essentially ‘Hide and Seek’. Make sure you double back and walk around the place to make more of a scent trail, this is really what your dog is following.

    - As well, we’re wanting to exercise our dogs brains just that little bit more and continually practice their obedience (we do have Border Terriers!) so we operate under the premise, ‘No freebies’. [Read More…]

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    Dog Behaviour. How does this Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer feed her dogs?

    We feed with enrichment.
    Splitting Lily and Trev’s daily feed portions up and alternating between all of the methods below for feeding – variety is the spice of life!

    • Placing biscuits in a maze like dish to be pushed and licked out (ours is a Trixie feeder but other brands are available). [Read More…]

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    Dog Behaviour, The Dog Walk

    Have you ever really, taken thought about the walk from your dogs perspective?
    The picture of smells, sounds, sights that may be of interest to them (obviously all the while, our senses for the most part being less developed than dogs).
    What I’m really talking about is, I think sometimes owners forget that ‘the world’ is pretty interesting and more so, it is pretty interesting to a dog because they are likely to be confined away from this ‘world’ (backyard for example) the majority of the time. [Read More…]

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    Dog Training, Canine Enrichment, Dog Game, Fun to be had with you…

    Use a couple of minutes of your day for Hide and Seek/training with your dog/s (training can be built into your regular routine also).

    This provides mental enrichment for your dog. It’s a fun way to work on ‘Obedience Commands’ and just great for your relationship. [Read More…]

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    Dog Behavioural Enrichment Idea’s

    Lock your dog away from sight while you hide dried meaty treats for a sniffing good treasure hunt.
    One of my clients freezes chicken mince in a Kong and it entertains her dog for two to two and a half hours, whilst it licks it out :-)
    In summer, homemade (diluted if using commercial) stock icebergs (made in an icecream container) floated in a ‘blue shell’ paddling pool.
    Be prepared for entertainment as your dog may scrape, lick, dig, push or all of the above to try to demolish this floating form of deliciousness. [Read More…]

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