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    Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Covid 19 Effects on Dog Behaviour and how you can help.

    Although this all feels like an alternate reality for you, your dogs will also be feeling things have changed.
    It is hard not to notice the increase in both people and dogs out walking in these times, exercising and seeking respite from the confines of home. I’ve learnt that some of these people don’t normally walk and for some of these dogs they don’t normally get out either (I am very pleased they are having these experiences). [Read More…]

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    Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. ‘Treat every experience as unique…’

    Treat every experience as unique.
    For example, if your dog has in any realm of the past (very recently or quite a while ago ‘had quite a nasty encounter with…’ then owners can form the impression from that encounter (sometimes with the very next dog and owner combo they meet) that interacting with dogs (or dogs that look similar to that ‘nasty one’) too close has got to be ‘negative’ and avoided.
    The owner is in a heightened state, tense and on the defensive. [Read More…]

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    Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Adult Dog Mouthing and Nipping

    Adult Dog Mouthing & Nipping -
    With this situation, the adult dogs in question have probably never learned to suppress this ‘antisocial’ behaviour during puppy hood.
    It’s likely they haven’t been taught to be gentle or redirected to chew toys instead.
    Most mouthing is normal dog behaviour. [Read More…]

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    Dog Behaviour. Children and dogs the importance of the right information…

    Many children I come across in my school visits, say a friendly dog has a wagging tail but a tail wag does not always mean a friendly dog…
    When a dogs tail is wagging up ’stiff like a board’ (almost ‘ping ping ping’) instead of ‘flowing like a wave’, this is not a good, friendly sign!
    Education is key (I offer free dog safety & education talks to schools within my business area)
    Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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    Dog Behaviour. Social dynamics between dogs when one dog is on lead and the other is off…

    The dynamic of a dog to dog social interaction is perceived differently, if your dog is on the lead and other dogs are off-lead – so the off-lead dogs are accessing freedom. I have witnessed many an instance where the more ’slightly lacking in confidence’ dog, off-lead, encounters one that is on lead, then becomes a different individual altogether.
    The resulting reaction may be one of hostility unless you and your dog are acting relaxed. [Read More…]

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