Dog Behaviour. Tension and Anxiety. Covid 19.

Your dog feeds off your emotions and intent in situations. As well and quite logically, your dogs behaviour affects you. Be it through the frustration at chewed up new sunglasses or perhaps sadness and anxiety when they too are exhibiting these behaviours. This point is something to think about in the current times. You get what you reflect.
Pent up energy can increase tension and anxiety, manifesting in nervous behaviour.
For both your dog and yourself, get out and walk.
Many owners are underestimating the requirements in this area.
For a healthy dog, of every breed, I would be recommending two walks per day. The length of each walk would then vary.* As a general rule, a large adult dog, 2 X 1 hr (min.), medium sized adult 2 X 45 minutes and an adult small breed 2 X 25 minutes. *Taking your dog for a run for one of these sessions would then shorten the required time.
Now, I know a look of shock will be on some of your faces with the above recommendations, it’s important to look to those numbers as times to aim for but that, with pent-up energy behavioural issues will be made worse.
There is more stimulation (meeting new dogs and different sights, smells etc.) when you break up the day with two walks and this approach also burns more energy than a single big, less intense one.
Throwing a ball or Frisbee does not calm the mind of the dog, these activities hype the dog up and we want a calm more stable energy. Most certainly do these activities but they should not really make up the bulk of your exercise regime with your dog.
At the end of the day regardless of what is happening in the world, our dogs don’t dwell. Dogs live in the now, I think it would be great to live a bit more like that, Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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