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A fear of strangers —
Firstly, you do not have to know the exact route cause as to why your dog is fearful of strangers, to be able to help them.
The first step is very specifically, identify all those your dog is afraid around – who and when.
Then, for the early stages of the training process it is all about lowering your dog’s (and your own) stress levels, by avoiding these triggers, to help them become amenable to teaching. [Read More…]

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The Walk -
The walk is the best form of mental stimulation!
Pent up energy of mental or physical forms has been linked to tension and anxiety.
There is more stimulation (different sights, smells etc.) when you break up the day with two walks and this also burns more energy than a single big, less intense one. [Read More…]

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Because it is so handy and important…
Teach your dog the command ‘Leave’.
We find it especially useful with our two Border Terriers showing an interest in the neighborhood cats but also if your pooch is interested in what they think are tasty ‘food’ morsels but you think are questionable choices. [Read More…]

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Treat every experience as unique.
For example, if your dog has in any realm of the past (very recently or quite a while ago ‘had quite a nasty encounter with…’ then owners can form the impression from that encounter (sometimes with the very next dog and owner combo they meet) that interacting with dogs (or dogs that look similar to that ‘nasty one’) too close has got to be ‘negative’ and avoided.
The owner is in a heightened state, tense and on the defensive. [Read More…]

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Dogs with a fixation on cats -
Use a deep guttural “Bah!” and clap of hands (if able) as soon as you see your dogs behaviour modify to when their body stiffens and their pupils dilate ( they get wide eyes). ‘Ranting/screaming’ at your dog or physically handling them when they are in this state will only heighten the excited energy present.
You may need to train your dog to be relatively calm on a lead first in front of cats. [Read More…]