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    Dog Behaviour. Antisocial Dog Behaviour.

    A sign that a dog is antisocial about other dogs, is that he or she is uncomfortable about being sniffed at their rear end.
    Think of the refusal of the rear sniff as the equivalent of the snub of the hand shake in human interaction - it’s quite a big deal!
    Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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    Dog Behaviour. Why do dogs ‘fake yawn’?

    The ‘fake yawn’ is one way a dogs body relieves stress.
    He or she may have ‘had enough’ or is getting frustrated in a situation.
    They may be highly aroused in anticipation of an event, such as, ‘’I'm waiting, waiting, for that food bowl to be put down….come on!”
    It pays to look at the overall situation to gain clearer insight as to the route cause of the ‘fake’ yawn but worth then addressing, if this is a stressful situation/event requiring resolution, Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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    Dog Behaviour. ‘Dogs peeing when greeting visitors’

    With visitors coming and going at this time of year I thought it might be helpful to discuss
    ‘Dogs weeing when greeting visitors…’
    Yes yes this may be a tad embarrassing for you the owner but
    this can be Submissive or Excitement Urination.
    Excitement Urination - It’s like, ‘I’m so excited I peed my pants!’
    Excitement urination is seen particularly in young dogs who haven’t developed their muscle control, so gets better over time. [Read More…]

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    Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. Dogs stealing food from the table/counter top

    Dogs steal food because -
    - Food has been given to him/her when they are begging at the table and they are coming back for more.
    - He or she is bored - make sure your dog is getting out and and about exercising and sufficient mental stimulation.
    - You have a hungry dog. [Read More…]

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    Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Whining…

    Whining can be occurring because of -
    - Attention Seeking (To get treats, toys etc. from you)
    - Excitement - When your dog is greeting you
    - Appeasement (wanting to pacify or avoid conflict).
    The dogs tail will be often tucked in under their body, which is lowered, with their head down also and eyes averted. [Read More…]

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