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    Dog Behaviour, Dog Training, Signs of Stress in Dogs

    Signs of Stress in Dogs -
    There are many different signs that your dog can be showing that he or she are a bit stressed at the moment. *Importantly, when checking through the list below, it is still about the big picture and that it is always advisable to undertake a thorough Veterinary examination to rule out an medical issue.
    Signs -
    ~ Excessive drooling
    ~ Excessive shedding
    ~ Panting (dogs actually should only really pant after a great deal of physical activity or in the heat). [Read More…]

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    Dog Behaviour, Dog Training, Food Aggression

    The best way to deal with a dog that is protective over its food bowl is to dispense with the bowl altogether.
    This usually solves the problem very quickly.
    You can scatter your dogs food, making it harder for your dog to protect, which diffuses the situation. [Read More…]

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