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Adult Dog Mouthing & Nipping -
With this situation, the adult dogs in question have probably never learned to suppress this ‘antisocial’ behaviour during puppy hood.
It’s likely they haven’t been taught to be gentle or redirected to chew toys instead.
Most mouthing is normal dog behaviour. [Read More…]

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Digging -
There can be many different reasons for this type of behaviour.
Boredom, Separation Anxiety, breed inclination (although I personally have found enrichment and exercise are key here with our Border Terriers) and simple exploratory puppy play to name but a few.
However, if you do happen to catch your dog digging, you can use a “Bah!!” coupled with a clap or shake a plastic bottle with pebbles in it (down by your side) to get their attention. [Read More…]

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The ‘fake yawn’ is one way a dogs body relieves stress.
He or she may have ‘had enough’ or is getting frustrated in a situation.
They may be highly aroused in anticipation of an event, such as, ‘’I'm waiting, waiting, for that food bowl to be put down….come on!”
It pays to look at the overall situation to gain clearer insight as to the route cause of the ‘fake’ yawn but worth then addressing, if this is a stressful situation/event requiring resolution, Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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Remember, this sticky hot weather is affecting us all, including our dogs with their behaviour.
Tiredness and irritability can be seen in our beloved pets as well as you and me, as this heat really kicks in.
Listen to the signs. [Read More…]

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Dogs Jumping Up -
Always give your dog the opportunity to ‘Do Good’ and ask for a ‘Sit’.
Do not raise your voice or move your arms as both will stimulate your dog more.
Instead, have visitors fold their arms and turn around away from him/her. [Read More…]