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Dog Behavioural Enrichment Idea’s

Lock your dog away from sight while you hide dried meaty treats for a sniffing good treasure hunt.
One of my clients freezes chicken mince in a Kong and it entertains her dog for two to two and a half hours, whilst it licks it out :-)
In summer, homemade (diluted if using commercial) stock icebergs (made in an icecream container) floated in a ‘blue shell’ paddling pool.
Be prepared for entertainment as your dog may scrape, lick, dig, push or all of the above to try to demolish this floating form of deliciousness!
These icebergs can be frozen with favourite toys or more tasty treats trapped inside and then instead placed on the concrete to be chased around.

*Remember to roughly take off the quantity of treats, off the quantity your dog would normally eat - as he/she may end up a tad overweight if the above activities are done regularly otherwise
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend.

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