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Whining can be occurring because of -
- Attention Seeking (To get treats, toys etc. from you)
- Excitement - When your dog is greeting you
- Appeasement (wanting to pacify or avoid conflict).
The dogs tail will be often tucked in under their body, which is lowered, with their head down also and eyes averted. [Read More…]

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Adult Dog Mouthing & Nipping -
With this situation, the adult dogs in question have probably never learned to suppress this ‘antisocial’ behaviour during puppy hood.
It’s likely they haven’t been taught to be gentle or redirected to chew toys instead.
Most mouthing is normal dog behaviour. [Read More…]

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I have not taught our dog’s Trev and Lily to ‘heel.’
So, walking on the lead…
I have no issue at all with a dog walking in front of you when out on the lead/leash.
They simply should not be pulling on that lead (thus trying to get you to go in the direction they want to go *), the lead should be fairly loose. [Read More…]

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Prepare an attempt at greatness.
The Critical Socialization Period.
The ‘Critical Socialization Period’ is the time of the pup’s life from birth to 12 weeks of age. [Read More…]

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Inappropriate Dog Mounting/Dog Humping -
It is important to remember that dogs do not share our views on what is anti-social behaviour. Or behaviour that is a little too friendly.
A dog mounts/humps because he or she is aroused and that does not have to be sexually aroused. [Read More…]