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    Dog Behaviour. Walking your dog, your dogs perspective.

    Dogs getting walked less after lock down?
    Have you ever really, taken thought about the walk from your dogs perspective?
    The picture of smells, sounds and sights that may be of interest to them (obviously all the while, our senses for the most part being less developed than dogs).
    What I’m really talking about is, I think sometimes owners forget that ‘the world’ is pretty interesting and more so, it is pretty interesting to a dog because they are likely to be confined away from this ‘world’ (backyard for example) the majority of the time. The world is enriching!
    So, I know I say, “Do not be dictated to on a walk” but I do make the walk about both Trev, Lily and myself.
    When walking on the lead -
    I have a few regular walks I do with the dogs. From this, I have worked out areas where Trev and Lily are a lot more eager to ’sniff/mark’ (certain power poles etc.) I then, depending on their behaviour (on the lead) let them undertake some sniffing, from find (I count as one) to finish, to the count of five, Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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