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Dogs getting walked less after lock down?
Have you ever really, taken thought about the walk from your dogs perspective?
The picture of smells, sounds and sights that may be of interest to them (obviously all the while, our senses for the most part being less developed than dogs). [Read More…]

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Dogs chasing bikes —
If you’re having an issue with this, I would keep your dog on the lead as you cannot predict when a cyclist is going to come along.
Ensure you have a great recall on the lead as well as the ‘Watch’. Get your dog’s attention with the ‘Watch,’ then get them to come back to you here. [Read More…]

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Did your young dogs fear seem to come out of nowhere? Let’s talk ‘Fear Impact Periods’…
Fear Impact Periods -
In general, the more independence a dog achieves with maturity, the more cautious they become about the unfamiliar. [Read More…]

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Toileting Inside!
Firstly, I would suggest trying to follow a regular exercise and feeding schedule (but providing water at all times).
Also, when taking your dog out for a wee, if he or she doesn’t go within 5 minutes or so, bring them back in and confine them to a ’safe area’, then 15 minutes later take them back out to the same area. [Read More…]

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A sign that a dog is antisocial about other dogs, is that he or she is uncomfortable about being sniffed at their rear end.
Think of the refusal of the rear sniff as the equivalent of the snub of the hand shake in human interaction - it’s quite a big deal!
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.