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Signs of Stress in Dogs -
There are many different signs that your dog can be showing that he or she are a bit stressed at the moment. *Importantly, when checking through the list below, it is still about the big picture and that it is always advisable to undertake a thorough Veterinary examination to rule out an medical issue.
Signs -
~ Excessive drooling
~ Excessive shedding
~ Panting (dogs actually should only really pant after a great deal of physical activity or in the heat).
~ A curved in/ tucked in tail.
~ Tummy upsets.
~ Destructive Behaviour- which can include upon themselves - excessively licking or biting often the legs and paws.
~ Avoidance - Hiding, turning away, isolating themselves. The anxiety triggers the ‘Flight’ response (of ‘Flight or ‘Fight’).
~ In contrast, fight or aggressive response to stress.
~ Pinned back ears on your dogs head.
~ Yawning - A dog placed in a stressful situation may yawn involuntarily.
Yawning can often progress to vocalization such as whimpering, whining, barking or growling.
~ With high levels of stress, inappropriate urination can occur - perhaps when going to the vets, when ’strangers’ come for a visit etc.
Depending on your situation, we are looking at either the elimination of the stressful stimuli (which can be a complicated dynamic but is achievable) or management.
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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