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Watch out for cuing a negative response in your dog…
Try not to tighten and tense up on the grip held with your dogs lead/leash when you spot another dog (or this can apply to spotting other animals or people) in the distance and usually a road crossing is not needing when discovering them at a distance either ;-) These actions only perpetuate the signals to your dog that yes, indeed, there must be something off with that ‘being’ if we are to ‘react’ this way.
Another, slightly different way to look at cuing is -
When you put your dog back on their lead/leash after a recall/’Come,’ try if you can, to leave the lead long enough for slack. [Read More…]

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Help my dog is scared of fireworks!?

Is your dog a nervous wreck around Guy Fawkes? Its time to start thinking about training and changing this! I’m going to start posting some tips in regards to Guy Fawkes prep and aversion by dogs to other noises… [Read More…]

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Identifying Stress in Dogs

Hi all, in light of the dreadful situation unfolding with earthquakes and flooding here in New Zealand at the moment, I wanted to post about recognizing the signs of stress in dogs…..
Some common signs (some may surprise you) -
*Hyperactive behaviour
* Being on the ‘look out’ all the time.
*Eyeballing you and you being able to see a lot of white of your dogs eyes- potential sign of a high level of stress. [Read More…]

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