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Dog Training. Dogs Toileting Inside

Toileting Inside!
Firstly, I would suggest trying to follow a regular exercise and feeding schedule (but providing water at all times).
Also, when taking your dog out for a wee, if he or she doesn’t go within 5 minutes or so, bring them back in and confine them to a ’safe area’, then 15 minutes later take them back out to the same area.
Your dog should not have unlimited access to the house and keep an eye out to see if they start sniffing & circling. These are pre-toileting signs.

It is VITAL to remember to only reprimand your dog (I use a stern “Bah!!”and clap, see a previous post about the word No) if caught in the act!
Dogs only register the consequence within a few seconds of the action. They pick up very strongly your negative emotions when you find their wet patch but that is all.
If caught, quickly redirect outside to an acceptable area and praise him or her profusely when out in that area. You are making the appropriate areas positive areas.

Never use disinfectants to clean up the mess based with ammonia - which urine has in it, your dog is likely to go and mark the same place again. A word of warning! Some commercial ‘Pet Odour Rid/Clean’ products have ammonia in them!
*I would make a washing powder solution (as long as the washing powder was enzyme based) and spray this on the patch, when I was undertaking Puppy Classes…(One scoop to 1000ml)

You can at times follow your dog around with a pocket full of a distinctive treat (cheese crumbs are good) and when you see them going in the right place, reward and praise heavily!!!
Selina McIntyre Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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