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Prepare an attempt at greatness.
The Critical Socialization Period.
The ‘Critical Socialization Period’ is the time of the pup’s life from birth to 12 weeks of age. [Read More…]

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Inappropriate Dog Mounting/Dog Humping -
It is important to remember that dogs do not share our views on what is anti-social behaviour. Or behaviour that is a little too friendly.
A dog mounts/humps because he or she is aroused and that does not have to be sexually aroused. [Read More…]

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How does this Dog Behavioural Consultant feed her dogs?
With enrichment.
We split our dogs daily feed portion up and alternate between all of the below methods for feeding – Variety is the spice of life. [Read More…]

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Toileting Inside!
Firstly, I would suggest trying to follow a regular exercise and feeding schedule (but providing water at all times).
Also, when taking your dog out for a wee, if he or she doesn’t go within 5 minutes or so, bring them back in and confine them to a ’safe area’, then 15 minutes later take them back out to the same area. [Read More…]

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Grass ‘Eating’-
Firstly, it is important to observe if your dog is actually consuming the grass or just chewing on the blades.
If chewing is occuring, this can be a form of olfactory ’smelling’ in a way, the deposits on the grass - who has been here etc.

If your dog is consuming grass -
This is considered ’normal’🙂
Grass aids digestion and helps treat intestinal worms. [Read More…]