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Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. Dogs Chasing Bikes!

Dogs chasing bikes —
If you’re having an issue with this, I would keep your dog on the lead as you cannot predict when a cyclist is going to come along.
Ensure you have a great recall on the lead as well as the ‘Watch’. Get your dog’s attention with the ‘Watch,’ then get them to come back to you here. You can aim to distract your dog by getting them to do a series of obedience tasks on lead, facing you, while a cyclist goes by. These could be the sit, shake hands and down. Be as ready as you can be for cyclists, staying alert but acting calm. Practice, practice, practice your tricks so your dog ‘could do them in their sleep’. Undertake your trick training in busy as well as quiet areas also.
Once you have your recall one hundred percent you could have your dog off lead. Use this to call them before the cyclist get’s too close/your dog has a chance to react. Once your dog is by you, reward them for focusing on you until the cyclist bikes past, Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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