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Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. The Critical Socialization Period.

The Critical Socialization Period -
I have a few puppy clients coming up and with us being able to do more in the world with level two, I thought I’d talk about this very important time.
The Critical Socialization Period is the first 16 weeks of your pup’s life.
This is when the foundation associations are made with his or her world, when your dog’s ideally have nothing but positive experiences with as many different stimuli as possible with everything from animals to noises (here your dog can experience fireworks early in the form of noises on an App. for example) and different ages and races of people, waterways and other environments, electronic devices, vehicles, you name it. Socializing your pup during this time in particular, is a huge part of raising a happy and well-rounded dog. A dog that can venture out with you in the world, leading a full and rewarding life.
It is vital that your pup is living and learning among a human family (integrated into family life, not just living out the back in a kennel) for ‘family dog’ skills to be learnt in this period.
If you buy a puppy from a responsible breeder, the breeder will be practicing socialization acts also, including gentle handling, exposing the pup to different sensory experiences – different noises, textures underfoot and to nuzzle into etc. Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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