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Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Dog Chasing!

Oh the chase!
With cars -
It can be unfortunate that cars ‘run away’ swiftly and allow the perfect chance for a good fast chase for your dog!

Chasing can become quite the obsession - think cats, fixation on torch lights etc. Your dog can become more interested in chasing than in actually catching the object. It becomes quite the game BUT in the process, this can accidentally cause harm to themselves, property, or the poor bystander looking on bemused as your dog is on their mission.

So, in front of the ‘arousing stimulus’ get your dog to undertake some distracting tasks, that they can also be rewarded for. These could be a ‘Sit’, ‘Shake hands’ then a ‘Down’ for example. You can build on these over time as well.
With this training, we are now making a positive association with the situation also.

If an intense chase drive is not channeled into acceptable play with toys (and as I have mentioned before, your dog loves play that includes you best of all when possible), as well as sufficient exercise (including mental stimulation) to burn off pent up energy,
behavioural issues can develop,
interestingly tail chasing among the list…

Playing chase with children -
It is better to get your kids to play with your dog with toys as the chase game can get out of hand quickly and your dog may also chase strangers children if given the chance, Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant and Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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