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  • Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. Dog's Nipping and Mouthing.
  • Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Dog Parks and Dog Off-Lead Area's
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Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Dog Parks and Dog Off-Lead Area’s

Dog Parks and Off Lead Area’s —
Importantly, the dog park is not the place to socialize puppies  (from the perspective of intensity and a potential disease risk for your pup). Senior dogs too, may find dog parks overwhelming. Pay attention to your dog’s cues about this experience. [Read More…]

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Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. The Christmas Rush!

Tis’ the Season!
Christmas can be quite a stressful time of year for your beloved dogs as well .
There can be extra people in your home with guests visiting (and possibly the shrill coming from ‘little people’) lots of exciting wrapping paper mountains, flashing lights and in general a lot more ‘buzz’ around. [Read More…]

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Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. Dogs stealing food!

With this being the season of family gatherings -
Let’s look at your dog’s stealing food from the table.
Dogs steal food because -
- Food has been given to them when they are begging at the table and they are coming back for more.
- Your dog is bored - make sure they are getting out and and about exercising and have sufficient mental stimulation. [Read More…]

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Dog Behaviour. Signs of Stress in Dogs. Christmas Stress.

There is a lot of stress around at the moment and this can be affecting your dog also.
Signs of Stress in Dogs -
There are many different signs that your dog can be showing that he or she are a bit stressed. *Importantly, when checking through the list below, it is still about the big picture and that it is always advisable to undertake a thorough Veterinary examination to rule out an medical issue. [Read More…]

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Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. Dog’s Jumping Up.

Dogs Jumping Up -
Always give your dog the opportunity to ‘Do Good’ and ask for a ‘Sit.’
Do not raise your voice or move your arms as both will stimulate your dog more.
Instead, have visitors fold their arms and turn around away from him/her.
Visitors should not push your dog down/away as this ends up creating a rebound effect, with them coming back again to get this attention. [Read More…]

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