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  • Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. Dog's Nipping and Mouthing.
  • Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Dog Parks and Dog Off-Lead Area's
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Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Your dog’s fear seeming to come out of nowhere? Fear Impact Periods.

Did your young dogs fear seem to come out of nowhere? Let’s talk ‘Fear Impact Periods’…
Fear Impact Periods -
In general, the more independence a dog achieves with maturity, the more cautious they become about the unfamiliar. During these distinct periods, dogs may become fearful of situations they once appeared to be accepting of, finding things more threatening. [Read More…]

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Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. Dog’s Nipping and Mouthing.

Firstly, do not play any games with your dog that involve putting your hands into their mouth, chasing them, or allowing them to jump all over you.
Never alpha roll (forcefully rolling your dog onto their back) or scruff, as these can lead to a fear of hands and so hand biting.
If your dog is being mouthy, start with a stern “Bah!!” vocalization and get up and walk away. [Read More…]

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Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Dog Parks and Dog Off-Lead Area’s

Dog Parks and Off Lead Area’s —
Importantly, the dog park is not the place to socialize puppies  (from the perspective of intensity and a potential disease risk for your pup). Senior dogs too, may find dog parks overwhelming. Pay attention to your dog’s cues about this experience. [Read More…]

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Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. Dog’s Jumping Up.

Dogs Jumping Up -
Always give your dog the opportunity to ‘Do Good’ and ask for a ‘Sit.’
Do not raise your voice or move your arms as both will stimulate your dog more.
Instead, have visitors fold their arms and turn around away from him/her.
Visitors should not push your dog down/away as this ends up creating a rebound effect, with them coming back again to get this attention. [Read More…]

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Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Dogs peeing when seeing visitors.

With Christmas coming up and the potential for more visitors in your house, I thought I’d discuss,
‘Dogs weeing when greeting visitors.’
Yes yes this may be a tad embarrassing for you the owner but
this can be Submissive or Excitement Urination.
Excitement Urination - It’s like, ‘I’m so excited I peed my pants!’
Excitement urination is seen particularly in young dogs who haven’t developed their muscle control, so gets better over time. [Read More…]

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