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Dog Training, It’s time… Off the Lead!

Are you your dogs last limiting factor?
In the end, if your dog is responding well to the recall on-lead, including with distraction, you may be finding a walk on the lead is just not enough to expend that pent up physical and mental energy. Well, at some point and it is up to you but a walk off the lead (obviously in a legally allowed area) is the natural progression for a fully enriching experience. [Read More…]

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Dog training and your dog leaning on you

So does your dog come in a lot and lean on you or your visitors ‘for a cuddle’? Maybe, things may not be as they seem. Leaning can be a dominant sign in dogs (seen in any size dog) up against another dog or human. [Read More…]

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‘Dog Training’ the Selina McIntyre way…

There is certainly a status element to my work and it is based solely on convincing your dog that you have the credentials and ability to lead, not by dominating it with the use of force but by demonstration of your ability.
I do not wish to destroy the potential for a truly beautiful relationship with your canine companion, Selina McIntyre, Dogs Best Friend.

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Natural Pack Rank and Dog Training

Natural pack rank starts to be displayed from about week three of age and this rank is the dogs innate rank for life.
Pups are adopted out to new and varied packs and thus new and varied ‘owners’ but natural pack rank will still be present and always plays a factor in training (for the first and all homes the dog lives in over it’s life).

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True Dog ‘Obedience’

The only way to true ‘obedience’ is with your dog viewing you as his or her leader and naturally respecting that position. You as your dogs caregiver need to learn how to be and act in this role, not just as the creature that dishes out dog roll (or other such morsels) for a ‘trick’ performance.

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