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Dog Behaviour, The Dog Walk

Have you ever really, taken thought about the walk from your dogs perspective?
The picture of smells, sounds, sights that may be of interest to them (obviously all the while, our senses for the most part being less developed than dogs).
What I’m really talking about is, I think sometimes owners forget that ‘the world’ is pretty interesting and more so, it is pretty interesting to a dog because they are likely to be confined away from this ‘world’ (backyard for example) the majority of the time. [Read More…]

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Dog Training, Dog Behaviour, ‘The Recall’/ Getting your dog to come back to you when called

I get asked about this a lot…
‘The Recall’ or ‘The Come’ -
First tip, never call your dog to give them a growling!
They will associate you with a negative situation and why should they ever want to come to you… [Read More…]

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Dog Training, Dog Behaviour, Teaching the ‘Leave’

The ‘Leave’
This is when your dog will step back from a person or object, animal etc. We use particularly around unfamiliar cats and you can use this when there is a lot of sniffing, licking etc. at greeting time. [Read More…]

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Dog Training, Canine Enrichment, Dog Game, Fun to be had with you…

Use a couple of minutes of your day for Hide and Seek/training with your dog/s (training can be built into your regular routine also).

This provides mental enrichment for your dog. It’s a fun way to work on ‘Obedience Commands’ and just great for your relationship. [Read More…]

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Dog Behaviour, Dog’s Taking/Collecting Items

Dogs that love to go out and collect items are often insecure.
These dogs are frequently collecting items that the owners have touched or worn and are active in this behaviour when the owners are out.
They surround themselves with a object barrier of their owners scent. [Read More…]

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