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Teaching the command ‘Watch’ or ‘Look’ to gain your dogs attention!
Get your dog in front of you, either sitting or standing and say their name sharply in a commanding but friendly tone. Immediately offer a treat or fun toy. [Read More…]

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If your dog does not initially respond to a command, do not repeat the same command again and again (unless for the recall or stay). This sends the message that 2-3 repetitions is what the command consists of (You must be patient, you can say your dogs name, but then wait). Also, we can call it nagging for dogs as well ;-) Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend.

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Lock your dog away from sight while you hide dried meaty treats for a sniffing good treasure hunt.
One of my clients freezes chicken mince in a Kong and it entertains her dog for two to two and a half hours, whilst it licks it out :-)
In summer, homemade (diluted if using commercial) stock icebergs (made in an icecream container) floated in a ‘blue shell’ paddling pool.
Be prepared for entertainment as your dog may scrape, lick, dig, push or all of the above to try to demolish this floating form of deliciousness. [Read More…]

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Signs of Stress in Dogs -
These are some things to look out for, as I know you want your dogs to be as happy and relaxed as possible..

*Dogs excessively licking their mouth or nose. [Read More…]

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Teaching the very useful command, ‘Leave’.
We use this for cat’s etc…
Teaching ‘Leave’ -
This is when your dog will step back from the animal/person or object. [Read More…]