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Dog Training, Dog Behaviour, ‘Loose Leash Walking’

‘Loose lead walking is exactly that…’
When walking Trev and Lily on the street, I like to keep their leads ‘fairly loose and not too short’ (they are on extendable leads). Essentially, not too long that I have to bring them in all the time to avoid obstacles but not a leash that is a restriction and a ‘pressure to fight against’.

In essence, the more restriction you place on them, I feel the more dogs seem to pull.
From this then…
Start the walk as you wish it to continue.
Your dog should not be allowed to wear their lead until they are ‘relatively’ calm. Do not let them get over excited again, even if you have to wait.
‘Training A Dog To Stop Pulling*’ -
It’s a pretty big frustration INITIALLY but…..
You must immediately come to a stop when your dog is pulling*. You would be telling them pulling is ok if you let them continue, even if you only do this sometimes. There is no need to pull back/tug on their lead. Instead, praise your dog and every so often offer a tasty treat when they come back by you, ideally having made eye contact (better communication is going on between the two of you).
*This is the greatest method I have found, to stop a dog from pulling because the dog is figuring out the very real CONSEQUENCE ALL FOR THEMSELVES. They do not get anywhere when they lunge forward and you then gain control at the other end of the leash :-)

**As part of this, do not as it appears in many dog parks, ‘be taken for a walk by your dog’ while they are off their lead. As in, do not simply follow all around where your beloved pooch is going. You should be deciding where you are off to and what you are doing etc.
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend.

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