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Conventional Dog Trainer?

A reoccurring point keeps coming to my attention. I have been getting alot of clients lately that have used ‘dog trainers’ and their recommendations - I use this term loosely as no qualification is required for this proclamation- and their dogs are very much still exhibiting the same behaviours (and sometimes bonus ‘negatives’ thrown in) for what they sought help for originally. Dogs Best Friend will always take the time to get to the route of the problem, not simply advise tips and training ‘tricks’ for individual behaviours. [Read More…]

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Best representation of the situation for dog training

I believe in dealing with ‘behavioural issues’ where they are actually occuring- for a better representation of the situation. Hence I both assess and we undertake our training in your home environment (as well as some time spent at a nearby park etc.), Selina.
Dogs Best Friend. Dog Behavioural Consultancy.

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Using A Dog Behavioural Consultant

A problem can arise when you are facing a trying behavioural situation and you hire a Dog Behavioural Consultant as part of an ‘attempt to prove your points’ around training your dog to your ’significant other’.
A good Consultant will not tell you what you want to hear but what you NEED to hear. Cue potential conflict… [Read More…]

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