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Dog Behaviour, Dog Safety, Children and Dogs

With children being out and about more in the community at this time of year, below are some of Dogs Best Friend’s Dog Safety Notes to be communicated with your children.*
*I also offer free Dog Safety and Behaviour Talks to Schools in my business zone.

When choosing to interact with a dog, it is best to do so in an open rather than a confined area and as part of this it is best to not approach a dog on a lead. The dog cannot get away if he or she wants to and if they cannot ‘flee,’ they may ‘fight’ as a response to a perceived threat. [Read More…]

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Dog Behaviour, Educating Kids Around Dog Safety

Many kids I come across say a friendly dog has a wagging tail but a tail wag does not always mean a friendly dog…
When a dogs tail is wagging up ’stiff like a board’ (almost ping ping ping) instead of ‘flowing like a wave’, this is not a good friendly sign!

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Safety for kids and adults around dogs

A discussion was had with me today around dog safety information. Essentially it was believed that all in the dog training/behaviour field would be advising the same approach with interaction and associated safety around dogs.
As with anything though, there are many and varied ‘tidbits’ of information out there being handed out and personally I do not feel all are responsible. [Read More…]

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