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Is your dog scared of strangers?
When interacting -
Ideally, strangers should remain standing (bending over so that face and eyes are on the same level can be quite threatening to a dog) slightly side on, keeping their hands in close to their body (hands can be scary!)
The person if possible, could be asked to look over at……rather than at your dogs eyes.
If your dog hides behind you or moves away, that’s fine, let your dog have their space - for everyone’s well being. [Read More…]

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Cars -
It can be unfortunate, cars run away swiftly and allow the perfect chance for a good fast chase for your dog!

Chasing can become quite the obsession - Think cats, fixation on torch lights etc. Your dog can become more interested in chasing than in actually catching the object. [Read More…]

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The earlier a problem is identified, the easier it is to change.
The longer you leave that ‘troublesome niggle,’ the more your dog is practicing a behaviour that will need to be reversed or redirected…
An example of this early identification is with food aggression. [Read More…]

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The dynamic of a dog to dog social interaction is perceived differently, if your dog is on the lead and other dogs are off-lead – so the off-lead dogs are accessing freedom (or vice-versa). I have witnessed many an instance, where the slightly under confident dog that is off-lead, encounters one that is on lead, then becomes a different individual altogether.
The resulting situation may be one of hostility unless you and your dog are acting relaxed. [Read More…]

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Dog training and behaviour can be about the subtleties in a situation…
When meeting other dogs out and about, do you tighten your grip on your dogs lead or tense up? Both possibly before you are in the physical realm of the other dog. [Read More…]