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Dog Training, Dog Behaviour, Methods with the ‘Pully Dog’

Have a ‘pully’ dog?
It is not a requirement of mine that a dog must walk on your left hand side and that you should keep a short lead/leash.
I’m happy using extendable leads when walking dogs.
It’s ok for your dog to walk in front of you (think a sled dog team with a musher) but not if your dog is pulling*.
*Pulling is trying to get you to go in the direction your dog wants to go and as such is an attempt to lead you (again, as in previous posts, leadership and dominance are different).
I find the more you try to rigidly restrict your dogs movements, the more you get a RESISTANCE AGAINST THIS PRESSURE and the more frustrated you become at the other end of the lead, arghh!
This is where an extendable lead comes in handy.
As well, it is important you are using a lead that is built for the specific weight range of your dog or greater, for a potentially strong animal, Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend.

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