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How much do you watch your dog when he or she is on the other end of the lead? Maybe it’s the Behaviourist in me but I was thinking about it and I really do spend A LOT of time observing Trev and Lily’s behaviour at the other end of their leads and I believe this does help us.
This observation has been organically occurring - and perhaps more intensely with two dogs on two leads - the potential for ‘entanglement’ ;-)
I observe everything from where their ears are pointing - so what either dog is interested in. [Read More…]

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I have no issue at all with a dog walking in front of you when out on the lead, the key is how the dog is walking (also think about a musher and sled-dog team and the control that he/she has at the back of the sled).

Walking on the lead…
Your dog should not be pulling on the lead (thus trying to get you go in the direction. [Read More…]

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Many children I come across say a friendly dog has a wagging tail but a tail wag does not always mean a friendly dog…
When a dogs tail is wagging up ’stiff like a board’ (almost ‘ping ping ping’) instead of ‘flowing like a wave,’ this is not a good, friendly sign!
Education is key (I also offer free dog safety & education talks to schools within my business area)
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant and Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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Jumping Up -
Always give your dogs the opportunity to ‘Do Good’ and ask for a ‘Sit’.
Do not raise your voice or move your arms as both will stimulate your dog more.
Instead, have visitors fold their arms and turn around away from him/her. [Read More…]

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Do you have a small dog type (an adult)?
I would still recommend two twenty minute walks per day.
As well as being for exercise, the walk is enriching and stimulating for your dog, like going for the ‘hunt.’
There is more stimulation (different sights, smells etc.) when you break up the day with two walks and this also burns more energy than a single big, less intense one. [Read More…]