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Help my dog is obsessed with….

Preventing ‘Fixation’- That ‘glazed over look your dog may get - seemingly obsessed with something.’

‘A possible outcome for a dog’s unreleased energy (either mental or physical) is the dog becoming fixated on or obsessed with something..’
Did you know ‘Fixation’ has not been recorded in wild canines? Interesting huh?
I believe for this problem scenario you really want to get in and catch your dog before they have ‘entered the zone’ and their brain is flooded with adrenaline.
You can use a “Bah!” and clap AS SOON AS YOUR DOG BEGINS TO FIXATE - when your dogs body starts to stiffen and his/her pupils dilate (become wide).
If the ‘Bah’ is ineffective, shake a jar with stones in it, or, and this is as negative as my training gets, shake a tin can with coins in it.
You are attempting to distract your dog here.
Physically handling your dog while they are in this state will only heighten this excited unstable energy.
Do not let your dog simply sit and stare at any animal in your home environment - including cats or birds outside. Again, being in a fixated mode is not normal for a canine.
Try taking your dog for a good long walk and then put the arousing stimulus in front of them and ask for obedience tasks to be performed.

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