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What are you really encouraging?
Make sure you are not inadvertently encouraging your dogs reactionary behaviour.
If you are giving your dog treats while your dog is being ‘reactive’(growling, barking etc.) in an attempt to distract or ‘create a positive association’ with the people or animals your dog is reacting to, you may in fact be rewarding and encouraging that reactionary behaviour.
Instead, only reward AFTER your has behaved in a more positive way and is ‘relatively’ calm, Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend.

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*Put some small dog biscuits into a used plastic food or drink bottle with the lid off (such as a juice bottle). It usually takes dogs a while to roll the biscuits out.

*Scatter feed part or all of your dogs meal. [Read More…]

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Insert a few minutes into your day for Hide and Seek/training with your dog (yes training can be built into your day also).
This is mentally enriching for your dog, a fun way to work on ‘Obedience Commands’ and simply great for your relationship.

I truly enjoy playing Hide and Seek or ‘Sit, Stay, Come’ with our dog Trev. [Read More…]

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I’m happy using extendable leads when walking dogs.
It’s ok for your dog to walk in front of you (think a sled dog team with a musher) but not if your dog is pulling*.
*Pulling is trying to get you to go in the direction your dog wants to go and as such is an attempt to lead you. [Read More…]

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Did you know many dog owners inadvertently train the opposite of what they want their dog to do?
It all comes down to timing.
An example of this is the ‘Off’, for ‘Off the furniture’. [Read More…]