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Dog Training and your dog/pups innate natural rank

This is the time of year when people do consider giving puppies as gifts -
An interesting point to note however, is that natural pack rank starts to be displayed from about week three of age and this rank is the dogs innate rank for life. Pups are adopted out to new and varied packs and thus new and varied ‘owners’ but natural pack rank will still be present and always plays a factor in training (for the first and all homes the dog lives in over it’s life).
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend.

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Dog Training, What Rewards YOUR dog?

What is really your dogs rewarding factor?
It’s important to get to know your dog and utilize and understand that there are different and sometimes overlapping motivating factors that are viewed as rewards by individual dogs.
Not all Labs are food motivated (yes I have met some) I know, shock horror. [Read More…]

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Dog Training, ‘Quick Fixes’, ‘Electric Shock’ Collars

Wanting a quick fix? At this time of year, leading up to Christmas break, I am hearing a lot of talk around so called ‘Quick fixes’.
Electric Shock Collars in particular are being mentioned. [Read More…]

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Dog Training, Jumping Up

Jumping Up!
Firstly though -
Always give your dog the opportunity to ‘do good’ and ask for a ‘Sit’, they may surprise you ;-)
It goes without saying then, that jumping up should never be encouraged.
If you’re dealing with a mild jumper, talk to your guest about how to greet your dog. [Read More…]

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Dog training, how do I feed our dog for enrichment…

How does this Dog Behavioural Consultant feed her dog? It’s all about enrichment! Well we have a nearly 6 month old pup so… [Read More…]

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