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Dog Training and the Recall

First tip, never call your dog to give them a growling!
They will associate you with a negative situation and why should they ever want to come to you…
Second, practice the recall within your home and garden environments first before venturing out to the ‘big wide world’
Then, with the walk, you should be ‘dictating’ where you are going, what you are up to etc. when out and about.
When it comes to calling your dog back to you, make sure you are bending down. In this pose you are less threatening (Also, however frustrated you are, fain excitement and exhuberance here too, it does help!) Return immediately to standing when your dog gets to you - here’s hoping ;-)
If your dog is not responding, walk away quickly, a safe distance WITHOUT LOOKING BACK (your dog ‘catches you out’).
The pull of the pack will be too strong and you’ll hear their panting coming up behind you!

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