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Watch out for bribery!
Do not show your dog the precious treat (or other reward) you have in your hand to try to get them to undertake the command you are wanting.
Treats and other rewards should be given IMMEDIATELY AFTER the desired behaviour has been performed, for a few repetions (say 10 times max) but then reduced to a random schedule. [Read More…]

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Dog Training, I do not teach a ‘heel’…

I have not taught our dog Trev to ‘heel.’
So, walking on the lead…
I have no issue at all with a dog walking in front of you when out on the lead/leash.
They simply should not be pulling on that lead (thus trying to get you to go in the direction they want to go *), the lead should be fairly loose. [Read More…]

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Dog Training, Jumping Up!

Jumping up -
Always give your dog the opportunity to ‘do good’ and ask for a ‘Sit’, they may surprise you ;-)
It goes without saying then, that jumping up should never be encouraged.
If you’re dealing with a mild jumper, talk to your guest about how to greet your dog.
Get them to fold their arms, avoid making eye contact, turn around and attempt to ignore the behaviour (hopefully not raising their voice too much in pitch in alarm!). [Read More…]

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Dog Training, The Recall or ‘Come’

Imagine all the wonderful adventures you could have with your dog if they had a great recall…
How about working on this -
First tip, never call your dog to give them a growling!
They will associate you with a negative situation and why should they ever want to come to you… [Read More…]

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Dog Training - A way to add fun to ‘Obedience’ …

Insert a few minutes into your day for Hide and Seek/training with your dog (yes training can be built into your day also).
This is mentally enriching for your dog, a fun way to work on ‘Obedience Commands’ and simply great for your relationship.

I truly enjoy playing Hide and Seek or ‘Sit, Stay, Come’ with our dog Trev. [Read More…]

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