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Dog Training - Meeting other dogs on the lead and making ‘friends’?

Stop the Press! Your dog does not have to be ‘friends’ with every dog or person it meets on a walk.
Think of it this way, do you stop and chat to everybody you meet as you walk down the street, I think not. [Read More…]

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Dog training and the ‘old dog’

‘You CAN teach an old dog new tricks’…
It’s never really too late to teach an old dog new tricks or the ‘appropriate way to behave’.
You really need to get to the route of the issue (which is where I come in) and then my friends give it time. [Read More…]

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The ‘Dog Training Photo’

‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too!’
With dog training, you cannot pick and choose what you do off a Behavioural Modification Plan.
Training your dog is like looking at a landscape shot, not a portrait - encompassing your dog and his or her environment.
Your dog needs to look at all the information in his or her training photo/picture for it to make real sense to them.
This is also for you to get the results you desire :-)

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Training your dogs and your influence on pack dynamics

Your pack includes all dogs on your property. Sounds obvious right? But you may be implementing different rules and boundaries for one dog - they may be allowed inside for example and another is not. [Read More…]

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Dog training and teaching the command “Quiet”

When your dog is barking, growl a stern and guttural “Bah!”*
Then, the instant he/she IS quiet, say quiet and praise. You could also reward with something high value such as a liver treat or cheese, both are stronger smelling so more attractive.
*Or shake a plastic bottle with pebbles in it if this proves ineffective or if your dog just zones out and the barking is very intense, shake a tin (for example a Milo one) with coins in it, by your side.
The idea is to find a way to get your dogs attention.

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