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Teaching ‘Leave’
This is when your dog will step back from the person or object, for you to use when there is a lot of sniffing etc. at greeting time. *Choose another word if you are using this word already for another action. [Read More…]

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How much walking would you recommend for my dog?
Usually a lot more than you think.
For a healthy dog, of every breed, I would be recommending two walks per day. [Read More…]

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Tip Four.
I’ve had clients rave about this product…
The Thunderband/Thundershirt
This is a type of cloth vest for your dog. [Read More…]

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*Guy Fawkes*
As promised,
following on with your Guy Fawkes Prep./Dealing with Noise Aversion in your dog. 
Tip three.
Recordings of fireworks can be played while your dog is doing something fun. I recommend downloading the ‘Sound Proof Puppy Training’ App. [Read More…]

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Is your dog a nervous wreck around Guy Fawkes?
You can be starting to think about your training now -
Tip one -
First and foremost you need to be sure you are and are acting as a strong leader (remembering my posts about leadership and dominance being different) who is not stressing about the loud noises outside and most certainly not cuddling/ coddling your dog, thus actually praising and encouraging the nervous behaviour.
Tip two. [Read More…]