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Wanting a quick fix? At this time of year, leading up to Christmas break, I am hearing a lot of talk around so called ‘Quick fixes’.
Electric Shock Collars in particular are being mentioned. [Read More…]

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Jumping Up!
Firstly though -
Always give your dog the opportunity to ‘do good’ and ask for a ‘Sit’, they may surprise you ;-)
It goes without saying then, that jumping up should never be encouraged.
If you’re dealing with a mild jumper, talk to your guest about how to greet your dog. [Read More…]

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How does this Dog Behavioural Consultant feed her dog? It’s all about enrichment! Well we have a nearly 6 month old pup so… [Read More…]

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Walk the perimeter of your property with your dog at least on the daily…
A couple of good reasons for this…
* Even if owners had a ‘glorious looking large section’ I have found from a great number of clients that their dogs wait to go off and ‘play’, or utilize the section, until their owners get home. [Read More…]

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It can be easy to forget the obvious …
Is your dog tired or hungry?
When your dog is getting tired or hungry he or she is more likely to engage in ‘naughty’ behaviour (sounding familiar human parents?!)
This behaviour can even show itself in hyper active looking actions - like nipping and jumping- to gain your attention. [Read More…]