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How much do you watch your dog when he or she is on the other end of the lead? Maybe it’s the Behaviourist in me but I was thinking about it and I really do spend A LOT of time observing Trev’s behaviour at the other end of the lead and I believe this does help us. This observation has been organically occurring, I observe everything from where his ears are pointing- so what he is interested in. [Read More…]

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‘You CAN teach an old dog new tricks…’
It’s never really too late to teach an old dog new tricks or the ‘appropriate way to behave.’
You really need to get to the route of the issue (which is where I come in) and then my friends give it time. Give the older dog more time for repetition and possibly understanding and give YOURSELVES time. You have also potentially had a lifetime of ‘bad habits’, remember this. BUT, I deal with older dogs and their human ‘partners in crime’ ;-) and success is possible, please don’t give up,
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant.

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Your pack includes all dogs on your property. Sounds obvious right? But you may be implementing different rules and boundaries for one dog - they may be allowed inside for example and another is not. [Read More…]

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Teaching the command “Quiet!”
When your dog is barking, growl a stern and guttural “Bah!”*
Then, the instant he or she IS quiet, say quiet and praise heavily. You could also reward with something high value - such as a liver treat or cheese, both are stronger smelling, so usually more attractive.
Once the word association has been achieved, you can work on varying the length of the time, before you give your dog the treat for being quiet. [Read More…]

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Remember, this stinking hot weather is affecting us all, including our dogs with their behaviour.
Tiredness and irritability can be seen in our beloved pets as well as you and me, as this heat really kicks in.
Listen to the signs. [Read More…]