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Christmas Time -
This time of year can be quite a stressful one for your beloved dogs as well as yourselves. There can be extra people in the house with guests visiting (and possibly the shrill coming from ‘little people’), lots of exciting wrapping paper mountains, flashing lights and just in general a lot more ‘buzz’ around. We humans refer to it as ‘the Christmas Rush’. For me, it’s just absolute crazy time busy.
My tip for this time of year is for both your dogs and yourselves, to keep up the ‘release’ that comes from including exercise in your life.
With dogs (and dare I say it at least some humans), pent up energy causes an increase in tension and anxiety.
Check out my Dog Behavioural Blog on my website, under ‘The Walk’, for more info on how to’s and for how long for your companion, WALKING AT THE COOLER ENDS OF THE DAY.
Also, mental exercise for your dog is just as important, especially at this time of year.
Did your dog get into those bags of Christmas presents you didnt even have a chance to wrap yet?
He or she may be bored?
My blog again has some easy entertainment ideas that may help ease your situation here.
You and your pack will get through the Christmas Crazies :-)
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend

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