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Interestingly, it has been shown that a dog’s endorphin levels increase when chewing (the dog gets lots of feel good chemicals).
It is because of this, that you cannot try to stop your dogs chewing completely (it is too chemically rewarding - so very difficult to train out). [Read More…]

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Teaching ‘Leave’
This is when your dog will step back from the person or object, for you to use when there is a lot of sniffing etc. at greeting time (it can also be used for around animals such as cats)
*Choose another word if you are using this word already for another action.
How to teach -
Keep hold of a extra tasty treat in your hand and wait for your dog to lose interest - which he or she will eventually. [Read More…]

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A tip, when out walking, observe other ‘owners’.
I tend to assess the ‘owner’ of the other dog as part of judging the possible state of mind of the other dog.
If the owner is waving his or her arms around, looking stressed or aggressive, the situation with their dog can then be combustible. [Read More…]

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The piece of equipment known as a ‘Crate’ is not a cruel cage. It is a hugely beneficial training tool for your pup and adult dog.
The crate provides a sense of security for all stages of life (so should not be dispensed once your pup matures). [Read More…]

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Have a small dog type (adult dog)?
I would still recommend two twenty minute walks per day.
As well as being for exercise, the walk is enriching and stimulating for your dog, like going for the ‘hunt’. [Read More…]