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Jumping Up!
Always give your dog the opportunity to ‘do good’ and ask for a ‘Sit’, they may surprise you ;-)
It goes without saying then, that jumping up should never be encouraged.
If you’re dealing with a mild jumper, talk to your guest about how to greet your dog. [Read More…]

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[font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]When you put your dog back on their lead/leash after a recall/’Come’ try if you can, to leave the lead long enough for slack. If you have the lead too short and tight each time after you get your dog back in, a negative association can form with coming back to you and being put on the lead - losing all that freedom ;-)[/font][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif];-)[/font] Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend. [/font]

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The dynamic of a dog to dog social interaction is perceived differently, if your dog is on the lead and other dogs are off-lead – so the off-lead dogs are accessing freedom. I have witnessed many an instance where the more slightly lacking in confidence dog that is off-lead, encounters one that is on lead, then becomes a different individual altogether. The resulting reaction though may be one of hostility unless you and your dog are acting relaxed. [Read More…]

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Are you being consistent?
It is so very important to be consistently applying your training methods among your family/pack members but also within yourself and how you approach situations with your dog, be consistent. Your dog will simply get confused and is looking to you for guidance, if in doubt, strip your situation right back to the basics with all involved, for understanding, Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend

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Nipping/Mouthing in puppies! (on humans) -

Firstly, do not play any games with your dog that involve putting your hands into his/her mouth, chasing him or her or allowing him/her to jump all over you.

DO NOT alpha roll (forcefully rolling your pup onto their back) or scruff, this can lead to a fear of hands and so hand biting. [Read More…]